About Roger A. Barrick

Roger A. Barrick's introduction to the construction industry came in 1971, learning from masons who practiced excellence. Roger says "when they said the word 'perfect', that was their goal.

Today, Roger still applies the highest standards of excellence to his work. He sustains the sterling reputation of Barrick Homes, the firm he founded in 1979, through attention to detail and a commitment to quality. These standards are evident in every home he custom builds, and can be seen in the community of Whitetail Crossing located in Perry County.

Roger began learning masonry the summer after he graduated from high school. He was supposed to start college that fall, but he loved the work too much to leave it. Approximately 2 years later, Roger applied to the electrical apprenticeship program. He says he was fortunate enough to be selected out of over 200 applicants. The apprenticeship lasted until early 1978 when Roger topped out as a journeyman electrician with a master's license. About the same time, an opportunity came along to run a grocery store, which he did for a year. He realized that he enjoyed being in business, but missed working with his hands. So at age 26, Roger founded a masonry business and set about building schools, homes, and big box retail spaces. In 2000, a cousin bought the masonry part of the business, and Roger focused exclusively on homebuilding. That was the year he established Whitetail Crossing, the 42 acre community in Marysville boasting many of the finest homes in the region.

Roger's wife, Terri, assists clients with their home's decor, helping them choose colors, coordinate features, and in selecting from a wide range of options. Clients can choose floor plans featuring flowing open spaces and extended ceilings or a designed custom look and feel that is right for them. This may include beautiful hardwood and tile flooring, a wide selection of cabinetry, windows, doors, and other amenities. "We make a good team," Roger says. "We know that building a home is one of the most important decisions someone makes, and we want to make sure the experience is a rewarding one."

Roger's reputation for excellence is known throughout the building community. Barrick Homes is frequently called upon to remodel or construct new homes throughout Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties. It is not unusual for Roger to work with repeat customers and referrals, who appreciate his dedication to using high quality materials and adherence to the highest standards. They know Roger refuses to cut corners and will deliver excellence within their budget.

"I have learned just about every trade, so I am my own superintendent," Roger says. "I watch the work closely. I know enough about every trade to know what kind of work I am getting from people." Roger continues to strive for excellence with the same passion he saw in the masons who introduced him to construction. If something is not done properly, he does not hesitate to demand a redo. The workers of his framing contractors have told him he is the most exacting guy they work for. Roger's answer to that is "Thank You.